Offertail.Com, one of the best choice for offers, coupons, and products review site. We provide totally free of cost service for finding and submitting coupons and offers. This page has the answers to the questions regarding the Offertail.Com provide free service, how the Offertail.Com gets the funding, and why you should use Offertail.Com for your easy money-friendly shopping and business increase purpose.

How Offertail.Com get funded?
Our motto is to provide great shopping and selling insights for our consumers and partners. While doing this, it’s very important to be honest and transparent. As all these things happen through a community building process.
It’s very natural that developing and running a website like Offertail.Com needs a pushing investment. As well as we also have to generate a revenue. Unless we would have difficulties running the site. Which might result in permanent shut down of the site.

Currently, Offertail.Com is running by the owners funding. But it’s quite hard to run a website like this just from owners’ investments. As a result, we are looking forward to introduce other ways of generating revenue. Primarily Offertail.Com is looking for funding through the below aspects.

We are planning to run direct ads or any 3rd Party ads network like Adsense for the visitors of Offertail.Com

Referral Earning:
This way whenever our consumers buy any products or services from any brands, stores or retailers we recommend, will generate a referral revenue for us. All those referral sales will be tracked by a special and unique URL link and after the purchase by our consumers will be entitled to a tiny amount as an affiliate commission.

Our consumers will not be charged for any of this. And almost in every case whenever our consumers will purchase something through our special links, they will have the opportunity of saving money. And keep in mind, that Offertail.Com only publish coupons and offers of 3rd party companies, submitted by the companies or our users. Offertail.Com will not take any responsibilities regarding any services or the products that you will avail.

Though Offertail.Com tries to publish only the valid and legit coupons and offers of reliable companies. If you notice any fake or fraud or invalid coupons and offers that should not be on Offertail.Com, Please let us know. Use our Contact Us page or mail us at

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