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Up to 30% Discount on Blog2Social Premium Plan

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Find Up to 30% Discount on Blog2Social Premium Plan
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Controlling Social media in one fell swoop: A Blog2social Review

If you are a web entrepreneur, Search Engine Optimization practitioner, overall digital marketer, or just a person with the most interesting blog in your peer group; odds are you might have started with a WordPress site. WordPress gives you the opportunity to get a site up and running within 20 minutes (depends on your drag and drop capabilities). You don’t really need to have any coding knowledge. Life is easier when you have wordpress and it’s compatible plugins. Themes and Plugins help you have more control and efficient results. We are now going to talk about a nifty little plugin called Blog2Social.

When you have so many, social media pages and so much interaction going on, you would surely like to promote your posts on social media. Now when you’re sharing a blogpost, you might think of copying the link from your website and sharing them on social media profiles and pages. This is hard work, not to mention time consuming. This is where Blog2Social comes in. Blog2Social is one such plugin that helps you create, edit, promote and do loads of other things on social media through your wordpress site.

Now we should talk about the blog2social plugin at length about it’s features, accessibility, pricing etc. to give you a good rundown of what to expect.

Blog2Social Features

  • Connecting Social media to the site – You can connect to your social media profiles and pages simultaneously. This is the principal feature of the Plugin. This saves you the time and hassle of accessing each social media manually.
  • Auto-posting on Social media – Blog2Social will easily publish the post on each social media when it is published on the site automatically. Blog2Social customizes the post according to the format of the social media. This feature is actually a premium feature.
  • Custom Sharing – Each social media profile, page, group, chats have very distinct features. To get more engagement custom comments, messages, hashtags need customization. Blog2Social has variations of this feature for facebook, twitter, instagram, Flickr, Linkedin, Pinterest, Xing, tumblr, medium, Diigo, Torial, Reddit and Delicious. This feature is free across all plans
  • Time scheduler – There is a time scheduler which helps to put the posts in correct time. Each social media has its own scheduling systems. Blog2Social helps you keep all the post schedules in check. This is a premium feature for Blog2Social.
  • Custom Scheduling – This feature can help in automatically sharing the posts on social media in custom times. Each social media has peak traffic hours when there is more possibility of reaching more people at various times of the day. So Blog2Social helps you schedule your posts according to peak reach.
  • Image selection for social media posts – For social media shares there is need for images to show up on the pages to show a glimpse of the post. Blog2social allows for image selection for individual posts. You can either select an image from your blog post (Free) or from social media posts (premium) or from the media gallery of the local device (Premium).
  • Custom Post formats – There are post formats of different variations in each social media posts. You can select what type of post format you would want from many options with links, images and use automatically scheduled posts in your custom formats. This is a premium feature.
  • Social Media Reporting – It is essential to keep a report of any activity on social media because of the post’s importance and also how social media posts may be buried under other posts. Blog2Social lets you keep a report of the social media posting, sharing scheme.

The Blog2Social plugin can be accessed through mainly three mediums.
The plugin is available for download as a zip file or you can install from the WordPress Admin panel. You can add the plugin by uploading it to the blog.

You can add the browser extension for Blog2Social. The extension is available for chrome and firefox. You can go to the Chrome web store and search for the extension and add for Chrome. You can similarly search for blog2social addon for Firefox.

There is a Webapp for Blog2Social for Windows PC which helps you keep track of post sharing from the device itself.

Blog2Social Pricing and Offers

The pricing for Blog2Social follows mainly 2 plans

  • Free: This plan comes with the free download. The main feature includes just one user and connections to 3 social media platforms
  • Premium: Premium plans are of two types. Each of the premium plans have 15 social media connections. The difference is that one plan lets 1 user to use the plugin while the other lets 3 users in.
Type of Plan Users per license
Free Social media automation 1 0$
SMART 2 €5.75/ month
PRO 5 €8.25/ month
BUSINESS 10 €20.75/ month

From time to time there are special Blog2special coupon codes offered for promotional offers. On Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving there are Blog2Social promo codes which can save you some bucks as well.

Now Social media profiles is essential for your web ventures and Blog2Social helps you connect your site to social media and posts. So this might be a very good option for you to get the word out. One word of advice is just don’t download any Blog2Social nulled copies. Because these versions are faulty and can hamper the performance greatly.

Blog2Social FAQ

What is Blog2Social?
Blog2Social is a WordPress Plugin that connects your social media sites with your WordPress site. You can manage social media shares, posts, comments and other activities and post at the same time in all social media accounts.

Is Blog2Social Free?
Blog2Social is a free plugin but it has premium plans. The free version of the plugin lets only one user and only 3 connections from social media networks.

Is there an extension for Blog2Social?
There is a browser extension for Blog2Social. This browser extension is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browsers
Process: Go to settings > go to add-ons/extensions > Open the extension Store > Search for Blog2Social on the search bar > Add > Ok

What Social media networks are available on Blog2Social?
The Social media network connections you can have in Blog2Social are

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Reddit
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Torial
  • Diigo
  • Xing
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

Is there a mobile app for Blog2Social?
There is no mobile app available for Blog2Social as this is primarily a wordpress plugin. But there is a webapp version of Blog2Social. It is available for download after sign up.

Can I do autopost with Blog2Social?
You can automatically post your social media links with Blog2Social. If your Social media profiles are linked up properly then you can easily publish your post on wordpress site and it will automatically post it to your linked social media accounts

How can I automatically schedule posts with Blog2Social?
You can automatically schedule your social media posts to be published on custom post formats. This can be done through the time scheduler in Blog2Social.

Is Blog2Social available on Drupal?
Blog2Social is a WordPress plugin. It is exclusive to WordPress. For Drupal Sharebar is one such plugin to manage social media connections for your sites.

How can I track my social media posting with Blog2Social?
There are social media reports that can be made in Blog2Social. These reports help you schedule your posts and manage them. You can also keep track of these posts through these reports

Is there a Blog2social free trial?
There is a 30 day free trial for Blog2Social for new users. There is also a free version of Blog2Social where you can use it for one user and 3 social media connections.

How can I install Blog2Social on WordPress?
Process : Download the Zip File> Go to Plugins > Add new > Click Upload Plugin > Click Install

What are the Facebook related features on Blog2Social?
You can instantly share your posts on facebook through Blog2Social. You can schedule posts, edit formats for the facebook posts and also add images to them.

Are there any Blog2Social Coupon codes?
At occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Halloween there are Blog2Social Coupon Codes for special offers. At Black Friday sales there are lucrative Blog2Social Promo codes also.

Is there an Affiliate program from Blog2Social?
There is an affiliate program for Blog2Social. It’s benefits include

  • 15% Commission on sales through referral links
  • 5% lifetime commission on yearly auto-renewal
  • No minimum payout amount

What are the features of Blog2Social Premium plans?
There are mainly two Blog2Social premium plans

  • 1 user, 15 connections
  • 3 users, 15 connections

What Image related services are there in Blog2Social?
There are three image customization options in Blog2Social

  • Add an image from the Blog post to the Social Media post (Free)
  • Add Individual images from the blogpost to social media posts and Channels (Premium)
  • Add individual images from local device gallery to social media posts and channels (Premium)