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Gs Plugins Products

Plugin Name Price
GS WooCommerce variation Swatches Plugin $29.99
WooCommerce Brands | GS WooCommerce Product Brands $49.99
WordPress Twitter Feeds | GS Twitter Feeds Plugin $24.99
WordPress Posts Widget | GS Posts Widget Plugin
WordPress Posts Grid | GS Posts Grid Plugin
WordPress Courses Plugin | GS Course
WordPress YouTube Video Gallery | GS YouTube Gallery $24.99
WordPress Envato Plugin | GS Envato Portfolio $24.99
WordPress Coaches Plugin | GS Coach $24.99
WordPress Instagram Plugin | GS Instagram Portfolio $24.99
WordPress Books Showcase Plugin | GS Book Showcase $24.99
WordPress Projects Showcase Plugin | GS Projects Showcase $24.99
WordPress Pinterest Portfolio Plugin | GS Pinterest Portfolio $24.99
GS Behance Portfolio | Behance Projects WP Plugin $24.99
Dribbble Portfolio WordPress Plugin | GS Dribbble Portfolio $24.99
WordPress Custom Login | GS Login Page Styler $24.99
Team Showcase WordPress Plugin | GS Team Member $24.99
WordPress Responsive Slider | Image Slider WP Plugin $24.99
WordPress Pricing Table Plugin | GS Pricing Table $24.99
WooCommerce Product Slider | GS WooCommerce WP Plugin $24.99
GS Portfolio | Filterable Portfolio Plugin for WordPress $24.99
Best WordPress Logo Slider Plugin | GS Logo Slider $24.99
WordPress Testimonial Plugin | GS Testimonial Slider $24.99

Plugin to success on WordPress : A GS plugin review

If you know how the internet works, then congratulations, you have opened up a bundle of opportunities in front of you in order to succeed. If you own a business, a blog, a medium to promote yourself odds are that you want to succeed in these work. By success I mean financial success of course. So a place in the internet generally means a presence in the web. The fundamental method of making a place in the internet is by having a website.

WordPress places you in the net
Maintaining and making a website has become much easier nowadays with the advent of content management systems (CMS). If you ask people what the quintessential CMS is, chances are that it’s WordPress. WordPress let’s you build, customize and manage your own websites without having to know a single bit of code. So it’s a very convenient way for businesses to have an online presence. But only having a site doesn’t do much other than establishing a presence.

With WordPress we also need extra bit of functional features called Plugins. These add functionality to the website in a way that is customizable and efficient at the same vain. There are many online stores that have these plugins on offer. Today we’ll point you in the direction of another one called GSplugins. So you can make an informed decision about your plugin shopping

GS Plugin basic know-what

GS plugins is a plugin shop or marketplace for WordPress solutions. It provides plugins of many varieties on its platform. WordPress development might sound nice and convenient for the average Joe but its not a cakewalk. To get a website which is presentable and also functional takes a bit of work and thinking. There is also the matter of making sure your page shows up to the Google search results front and center. There are also some features of GS Plugins both developers and customers would like.

  • Plugin Marketplace.
  • Special WordPress Development service
  • WordPress theme development
  • Conversion services

These are the basic features that GS Plugins provides.

GS Plugins Features

At first and foremost GS plugins is a plugin shop or marketplace. There are various types of plugins that are offered in GS plugins. If we were to categorize then they have :

Ecommerce Plugins: There are many plugins that make running your ecommerce websites a much easier tasks. There are many plugins for brand wise customization, variation switches etc for ecommerce sites.

Social media : There are many social media sites and integrating and interacting with all of these from your websites at various times can be tedious. So there are many social media plugins on GS plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

Visualization based : To make your website stand out you need visually brilliant tools such as sliders and carousels. GS plugins also has these plugins.

Mainly these three types of plugins are there. In GS plugins.

Pricing: Each plugins are priced with a notion of functionality. Plugins cost from $24-$49 in the current marketplace of GS plugins.

Special WordPress based services

GS plugins also offer special WordPress based development work. There are many types of special work related to the development of sites. They are

WordPress Plugin Development : GS plugins offers development of plugins. Most of the plugins in the market are made by GS plugins. There are also custom plugins for usage that you can have made in GS plugins.

WordPress Theme Development : Although GS plugins does not offer themes at the marketplace but they do make themes for WordPress.

WordPress Ecommerce : For ecommerce sites there needs to be special customization that goes into making a site in working condition. GS plugins also works with tweaking these. There are also woocommerce customization that is offered.

Responsive Web Design : GS plugins also makes its sites responsive to all device types and resolutions.

Page Speed Optimization : GS plugins helps with making the page speed customized to load faster.

Pricing : Only the pricing for the theme development services are given.

  • Small websites : $600
  • Medium websites : $ 1200
  • Large Websites :$ 2000

Conversion services
There are also services that concern the conversion of PSD slides into codes or programmes. There are two types of conversion services currently being offered by GS plugins. The Pricing for psd to HTML are are given below :

  • For small websites : $250
  • For medium websites : $ 500
  • For Large Websites : $ 800

GS Plugin Documentation

Apart from the services described there are also code documentation of the plugins available on the GS Plugin Website.

GS Plugin Promo codes

Gs plugins offer many promo codes on Black Friday, cyber monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year sales. You can also find GS Plugins coupon codes on their sitewide services in the website as well.

Main takeaways

  • Variety of useful plugins
  • Customized special services
  • Documentation services

Gs Plugins Coupon

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GS plugins FAQ

What is GS plugins?
GS plugins is a marketplace for WordPress plugins and also provides WordPress custom services. There are themes in here for purchase and also there are many design based services available for WordPress with GS plugins.

What type of plugins does GS plugins have?
There are many types of plugins in GS plugins. You can find woocommerce, Social media integration, video embedding, Pinterest portfolio, envato portfolio and other themes you can find in GS plugins.

What type of documentation is there in GSplugins?
You can find many types of plugins for WordPress websites in GS plugins. You can also find documentation of these plugins in GS plugins as well.

Are there any themes in GS plugins?
There are many types of plugins for many utilities in the GS plugin marketplace. But there are no themes available. But there are services to make custom themes for WordPress websites.

What other services are there in GS plugins?
Apart from selling many types of WordPress plugins for websites, GS plugins also offers custom theme and plugin development services, Conversion services, Support for designs and also making sites mobile friendly.

Are there any conversion services in GS plugins?
There are two types of conversion services offered by GS plugins. These are PSD slides to HTML code conversion and also PSD to WordPress conversion.

What are the GS plugins pricing plans for conversion services?
There are currently 3 pricing plans regarding conversion services. For small websites psd to HTML costs $250, for medium websites its $500 and for large websites the cost is $850.

Does GS plugins make WordPress themes?
As a part of WordPress design services GS plugins has WordPress theme development services. Themes customized for special uses can be made in GS plugins as a premium service.

Is there any ecommerce services for GS plugins?
GS plugins has special services and plugins for woocommerce and general ecommerce platforms. You can purchase plugins and also build custom plugins for ecommerce stores in GS plugins.

Is there a GS plugin affiliate program?
GS plugins has an affiliate program from which you can earn money by promoting GS plugins. You can sign up as an affiliate. GS plugins offers 30% industry leads commission, and there is no minimum limit for cashout.

Is there responsive designs from GS plugins?
As a part of special WordPress design services you can create themes and site designs where the site is responsive. The site will optimize itself for any types of mobile, tabs, laptops etc.

What are the WordPress theme development services pricing plans of GS plugins?
The overall theme development service comes at 3 pricing plans from GS plugins. For small websites its $600, For medium websites its $1200 and for large websites its $1800.

Is there a GS plugins promo code?
There are many discount deals and offers on GS plugins WordPress design. There are sitewide GS plugins promo codes which can give you discounts on the services. Also in the occasion of Christmas, New Years sales, Black Friday and cyber monday sales there are also Special GS plugins coupon codes.

Does GS plugins provide page speed services?
As a part of GS plugins WordPress design services you can have page speed optimization designed in your website through custom themes and plugins.

Is there a site builder on GS plugins?
There is no site builder on GS plugins. But you can get custom WordPress themes, plugins and psd to code services done in GS plugins. These are part of the GS plugins WordPress development premium plans.