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WordPress functionality at the fullest : An iThemes review

When you are marketing something, access to a certain market is fairly limited. There are tons of problems and obstacles to get over before you can access the market. One very convenient way of getting the word out to people is the access point of the internet. The internet lets you promote your activities and products in such a way that other mediums just cannot. With the advent of CMSs like WordPress you can easily access the internet with a website in practically no time and minimal effort.

But WordPress management is pretty problematic if you don’t really know your way around a dashboard. Getting a WordPress website up and running is a cakewalk if you have the proper tools on offer with the right amount of effort put in. Looking for these tools might be a stretch and bend when you have these scattered across the web.

This is where a website like iThemes comes in very handy. iThemes is a WordPress specialized website that provides paid and free tools for you to customize, set up, activate and also manage your WordPress website. The most convenient part of this process is that you can find most of the tools you were searching for within this website.

We will look at iThemes and its features and pricing today and give you a possibly reliable website that you can bank on when getting your site up and running.

iThemes in a nutshell

iThemes used to be a normal store for WordPress and plugins at one time, hence the name iThemes. But gradually over time it started to build upon those services more and more with an emphasis on more utility and functions which need heavy lifting from a certain point. Currently it has services on

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Backup functions
  • Security items
  • Plugin suite
  • Tools
  • Training programs

iThemes services in elaborate

WordPress Hosting

iThemes WordPress Hosting is a web hosting solution that iThemes provides. To get any website online you need domain and hosting because that keeps the site visible to the interconnected hosting. That is also true for WordPress sites as well. iThemes hosting is the name of the totally WordPress based hosting service. Along with normal hosting iThemes provides all of its tools in the dashboard. The tools are discussed in later parts in detail. They are iThemes sync pro, iThemes security pro and Backupbuddy.
Other features of this service includes :

  • 20 GB storage
  • 80000 pageviews
  • Free and automatic SSL security certificate

Pricing : It is billed annually at $15/month.

Many instances of server crashes, hacks, malware, user error, running bad commands may result in the event of wiping a website forever. WordPress does not provide backup services for these incidents. The hosting services might not have much of a strong backup system either. iThemes developed this first of its kind backup plugin in 2010 and now it’s known as backupbuddy. It lets you have backed up data of your WordPress files and you can restore your sites in case of the problems cited above.

Pricing : Currently there are 3 backupbuddy pricing plans
Blogger : for 1 site backup for 1 year at $80
Freelancer : For 10 sites backup at $127
Gold : For unlimited sites backup at $199

iThemes security pro

iThemes security pro is the WordPress security tool provided by iThemes. In events of WordPress security breaches and possible threats you need some solid options which ensure that your site security is top notch. This tool kit provides that. Mainly it prevents hacks, alerts and manages security breaches and makes the site malware proof.
The functions the security pro provides are :

  • Brute Force Protection
  • Detecting file changes in the admin panel
  • Saves the site from Bots using the 404 error
  • Enforces strong password protection
  • Locks out suspicious users
  • Has an away mode
  • Hides login and admin panels
  • Backs up database
  • Sends email notifications

Pricing : Same as Backupbuddy

iThemes sync

There might be an instance where you have to manage multiple websites. iThemes sync dashboard lets you control all the things from just one dashboard. WordPress admin tasks are much more symplified with this sync system. It’s other features include:

  • One Click updates
  • Monitoring uptime
  • SEO and analytics support
  • Themes and plugin manager
  • Backups and Security functions
  • Client customization of dashboards.

Pricing : There are 4 pricing plans for sync pro

  • 10 sites – $11/month
  • 25 sites – $25/month
  • 50 sites – $46/month
  • 100 sites – $84/month

Plugin Suite
The plugin suite consists of great plugins for WordPress site operations. It has a number of premium level plugins including: Backupbuddy, Sync Pro, Security pro, Content upgrades, sliders, BoomBar, Featured posts, carousel, Rotating text, Rotating images, tipsy and other plugins.

Pricing: The whole suite costs $249.

Toolkit is a package version of al the iThemes services.
Pricing :

Freelancing : 2 sites $79/month
Agency : 10 sites $99/month
Networking : 25 sites $199/month

Training Programs
On top of that iThemes also holds and sponsors training camps across physical locations on many facets of web and WordPress development.

Promo codes, Deals, Coupon codes

On the pricing described above iThemes also provides special offers like the combo deal which has reduced offers for two packages. iThemes promo codes are offered on various sales promotions. Black friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New year sales also yield significant discount offers and iThemes promo codes.