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Truth be told, in 2010, it was Ivacy’s innovation group that was in charge of uncovering the progressive idea of split burrowing, an innovation which enables clients to choose what movement is sent through an ISP and what activity is secured by their VPN.
So on account of the greater part of this, I chose to survey Ivacy for myself to see regardless of whether this generally obscure VPN could play in the “Major Leagues”.

Ivacy offers a VPN administration that is good with relatively every gadget on the commercial center including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, switches, shrewd TVs and even your Xbox.

While Ivacy VPN offers an, as a matter of fact, a scanty system of just 200 servers crosswise over 50 nations, the servers being referred to are profoundly improved at the cost that you are paying (as you will find in a moment).

They make torrenting a breeze with P2P enhanced servers in the USA and Canada and furthermore enable their clients to interface with their VPN benefit utilizing every real convention including OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2.

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What’s more, fortunately, they offer these highlights (in addition to numerous progressively that we will examine in a minute) for about an indistinguishable cost from some espresso. They also provide various Ivacy VPN promotional offers and coupons to their customers.

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For the VPN customer, they provide various Ivacy VPN promo codes. Save your money while purchasing VPN service by using Ivacy VPN discounts code.

The Amount Does Ivacy VPN Cost?

One of Ivacy’s greatest offering focuses is their ultra-moderate two-year evaluating bundle.

Here’s the way everything separates.

Month To Month: $8.95 1 Year: $36.00 24 Month (Get 12 Month Free): $48.00*
 $8.95 every month $3.00 every month $1.99 every month
$107.4 every year $36.00 every year $24.00 every year
0% Savings 66% Savings 78% Savings


Except for their month to month valuing bundle, Ivacy offers a standout amongst the most aggressively evaluated VPN administrations that I have ever observed. I was likewise satisfied when I saw exactly what number of various installment strategies Ivacy enables potential clients to utilize.

Regardless of whether you need to utilize your MasterCard, PayPal record, Bitcoin, or Paymentwall, they have you secured.

Like a few of their rivals, Ivacy in fact offers a 7-day unconditional promise, be that as it may, as you will see later in this survey, it’s not exactly what it appears. For now, in any case, I stray.

With such reasonable evaluating plans, a considerable lot of you are likely thinking about how Ivacy’s administrations coordinate to their all the more steeply-valued contenders.

Much to my own particular astonishment, the appropriate response is… Pretty well.

Aces Of Using Ivacy

1. Great Speeds (At The Cost)

Keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee the exactness of this survey, I led two or three basic speed tests at to decide exactly how fast Ivacy truly is. Here are the outcomes.

Us Server (New York)

  • Ping: 115ms
  • Download: 45.86mbps
  • Upload: 43.92mbps

EU Server (Amsterdam)

  • Ping: 42ms
  • Download: 53.04mbps
  • Upload: 25.39mbps

Asia Server (Hong Kong)

  • Ping: 261ms
  • Download: Test Failed
  • Upload: Test Failed

UK Server (London)

  • Ping: 50ms
  • Download: 53.24mbps
  • Upload: 33.36mbps

*As dependably take these speed tests with a grain of salt since they depend on such a large number of various factors and can change from individual to individual. In any case, we have tried more than 70+ VPNs for this site so we have a pattern that we can think about each VPN against.

Despite the fact that I was frustrated to find that their Asia servers were totally unusable, at 53.0 Mbps for an EU server, Ivacy’s velocities are satisfactory with contenders like TorGuard (survey) and Buffered (audit).

In the event that you are a prepared VPN client, Ivacy’s paces are nothing to get amped up for, and in the event that you need a quicker VPN, you should look at our surveys of VyprVPN (audit) and ExpressVPN (survey).

In any case, at just $2.04 multi-month, their paces far surpass the desires set by their ostensible sticker price.

2. A True No Logging Policy (That’s Actually Upheld)

One of my greatest annoyances while surveying any VPN supplier is an erroneously promoted “Zero Logging” arrangement, and tragically, this pattern appears to end up increasingly unavoidable constantly.

Indeed, this issue has turned out to be so articulated inside the VPN business, that I never again trust any VPN supplier’s cases of “Keeping no logs” until the point that I have perused each word in their security arrangement.

While I was inspecting Ivacy’s VPN, I did without a doubt scour through the fine print in incredible detail and truth be told… I was stunned. Ivacy really maintains it’s publicized zero logging arrangement, and they show improvement over pretty much whatever other VPN that I have investigated.

Here’s their logging strategy.

This implies the main information that Ivacy keeps about their clients is the email address related to each record.

That is it. No movement logs, no data transfer capacity logs, and no term logs. Simply unadulterated, unadulterated security.

3. Great Customer Service

I’ll be the main individual to let it be known…

I didn’t have high expectations for Ivacy’s client benefit. Excuse my criticism, yet in the wake of checking on in excess of 70 VPNs, I’ve figured out how to have uncommonly low desires while auditing the client benefit offered by a financial plan agreeable supplier.

All things considered, organizations have a predetermined number of assets. In the event that they offer amazing administrations at a financial plan amicable cost (as Ivacy does), it’s commonly protected to expect that they needed to curtail another zone of their business with a specific end goal to do as such.

In any case, with Ivacy, I was charmingly astounded to find that their client benefit specialists rushed to react and amazingly accommodating. In spite of the fact that I might want to see more point by point and exhaustive reactions from their specialists, I’m unable to grumble considering the quick reaction times and effective help that I got.

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