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Why you need hosting?
Hosting is a very important but a tricky proposition for an internet related business or a website owner in general. Web hosting keeps your website online. If your presence needs to be ensured on the internet then hosting is a must. But if you look sideways, front, back or anywhere you will see so many hosting companies. Strewn across the internet, across so many regions and services there is an uncountable number of hosting companies. There are also big guns like Amazon who are providing web services. So choosing some sort of hosting company right off the bat might not be as easy as you think.

Reseller Hosting tidbits
Reseller hosting is a special type of hosting when one major company rents their storage and bandwidth to some small and mid size firms who in turn can conduct their own hosting service business. So reseller hosting is a very convenient way to start your own local hosting business as well. Now reseller hosting is also a tricky path to tread as there are also so many reseller hosting providers so you should look for certain solutions. So if trying to get hosting services for individual or your own hosting business might be two different types of beast to tackle.

Milesweb overview

Milesweb is one such hosting company that helps you with both normal hosting and great reseller hosting options. There are also other web services which Milesweb provides. So let’s get to know Milesweb services a bit better through its services features and also pricing.

Web Hosting
Milesweb is first and foremost a hosting service. Milesweb hosting has a variety of web hosting and related products and services. Milesweb has shared hosting options. There is free ssl certificate storage ranging from 1GB – 10 GB across pricing plans and 10 GB – 100GB of bandwidth.

There are also Windows Hosting options for Windows ASP or ASP.net websites. There is also unlimited hosting options. For new customers the price is as low as $0.93 and the highest being $3.57 across all 3 major hosting services. Along with these 3 major hosting you can also register your domain through Milesweb. You can also get SSL certificates for free with the hosting plans.

Milesweb Reseller Hosting

Milesweb Reseller services are a speciality service for small to midsize entrepreneurs. Milesweb has very lucrative reseller plans. There is cPanel reseller hosting. The hosting plans include 30-900 cPanel accounts, 50-150 GB storage space, Unlimited bandwidth, free ssl certificate, WHM/softaculous support and email support costing $7.50-$$16.20 across 3 pricing plans.

Linux reseller plans are also available in Milesweb. You can host from 20-60 domains across 3 plans with unlimited storage & bandwidth with free ssl certificates. The Windows reseller plans also has similar plans with similar features. The plans cost $12-$28/month. There is also free WHCMS support with all of the reseller plans. You can find great discounts at the reseller marketplace.

VPS Hosting
Virtual private server options are also here in Milesweb. VPS hosting plans offer very convenient options. You can get from a single to 4 vCPUs, 1GB-8GB memory, 30GB-150GB storage. Each has plan has 1 dedicated IP. These plans cost from $11.20-$62.40 for VPS plans.

There are also digital ocean cloud VPS plans with standard and optimized options. There are server locations in 7 countries. There is also Amazon AWS WIndows VPS servers across 13 locations in the world. Along with these features you can also have dedicated server support. With intel hardware 8GB-128GB memory and also 1.5 TB bandwidth, the dedicated server costs from $160 to $660 per month.

WordPress Hosting
WordPress websites have gained popularity for their easy to construct and manage characteristics. Also there is the universal usability of WordPress sites. So Milesweb has great managed hosting plans for WordPress sites. Plans range from $1-$7. Plans include lifetime free domain for two plans, you can host up to 3 sites and unlimited bandwidth except one plan.

Email Hosting
For email and office services you can get Google G suite apps support. The plans range from $3.25 to $25.You can get great coverage of your office documentation with office 365. These plans starts from $6.39-$10 with office app support, bandwidth and team management options. You can get protection for your email against spam with spamexperts service. This costs $0.93 per month.

Cloud Hosting
There is cloud computing plans on Milesweb from Digital Ocean, AWS Cloud and Jelastic PaaS. There are varied configurations for up to 32 vCPUS with 192 GB memory support. The price ranging from $12 to $1450 with many varied plans.

Milesweb Coupon Codes and Offers

Apart from the prices described above you can get special discounts on specific products. There are Milesweb Promo codes that is offered sitewide discount deals. There is also Milesweb Coupon codes at the time of Christmas, New Year sales along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well.