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Day by day the usage of hardware based storage is decreasing. Hardware based storage are now transferring to cloud based storage. As a result, you can add as many data as you wish from any place in the world. By registering in Pcloud, you will get free GB free spaces. Rather than storing your data in harddisk it is far better to store your data on cloud storage service with backup support. Don’t wait any longer to keep your data safe with Pcloud.

Why pCloud is named as best cloud hosting?
The safety of data is the primary concern of all the people nowadays. Due to high rate of phishing, hacking incident raise an awareness among the people. So, before storing data to any place people are finding the security of their server and system.

Pcloud offers military grade security to your data. They have used the latest technologies to protect your valuable data. In case of crash of any of your device you may lose all of your data but by using Pcloud you will not face this problem. Pcloud offers data backup and data sync solution for all of your data. You can also access all of your data from anywhere in the world by simply log in to Pcloud.

If you are in travel or in business tour you can access all of your files from Pcloud if you have Pcloud apk on your android mobile or IOS Pcloud app. You can get Pcloud support from both mobile devices and desktop.

Pcloud features are the best cloud storage facilities. So you can use this without any hesitation. There are three major services Pcloud offers to people. The services are in below:

  • You will get access from multiple devices- You can store your files from any devices using their platform on the web.
  • You can share and collaborate your files- You can send your files to other, can receive files from other and also work together with your partners on all files. Pcloud transfer service will help you to transfer your data to anywhere or anyone.
  • Unbreakable security System- Pcloud will help you to make your private files confidential with the highest level of encryption. They have state of the art 256 bit encryption system.

In the following we are giving you a list by which you will get a clear idea about Pcloud. Here are the things you will get from Pcloud.

Collaboration Support

  • You can Download from anywhere and can give Upload links
  • You can invite other users and can share folders same a Google Drive
  • You will receive detailed stats for your links
  • You can also brand your Download links

Security Features of pCloud

  • They have TLS/SSL channel protection
  • They will give you 256-bit AES encryption for all files
  • They give backup of 5 copies of files on different servers

Account Access and Synchronization

  • They have Automatic Upload your photo when your Camera Roll
  • Provides HDD extension through pCloud Drive
  • Very Selective offline access
  • Pcloud offers automatic sync on multiple devices

Media and Usability

  • Pcloud has Built-in video player
  • They have Video streaming
  • You will get Built-in audio player with playlists
  • Unlimited file size and speed

pCloud File Management

  • File Versioning
  • Pcloud offers Data recovery
  • Pcloud has Remote Upload
  • Pcloud also has online document preview
  • You can rewind account

pCloud Backup From

  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive

As a reviewer we are giving you a thumbs up for you. You can search for Pcloud review then you will get a great review from the people and the authors. This happens only for the diligent service of the Pcloud. Pcloud is featured in all the top media like huffington post, Fobers etc. This shows the authenticity of this app to the people and the corporates.

pCloud pricing Plan

Pcloud offers 2 types of pricing policy to its customers. One is on annual basis and other one is pcloud lifetime plan. Here are the brief details of these two plans:

Annual Plan Lifetime Plan
500 GB Disk Space
$ 3.99 /mo
$47.88 /YEAR
Best for you to share large files on a regular basis
500 GB Download link traffic
Fair share Policy
Supports download link branding
Records 30 days trash history
500 GB Disk Space
$ 3.99 /mo
$47.88 /YEAR
Best for you to share large files on a regular basis
500 GB Download link traffic
Fair share Policy
Supports download link branding
Records 30 days trash history
Premium Plus 2 TB
$ 7.99 /mo
$95.88 /YEAR
Best for heavy users regularly exchanging
very large files
2 TB Storage
2 TB Download link traffic
Fair share Policy
Download link branding
Have 30 days trash history
Premium Plus 2 TB
$ 980 / $ 350
Best for power users regularly exchanging
very large files
2 TB Storage
2 TB Download link traffic
Fair share Policy
Download link branding
Provides 30 days trash history

*** Pcloud offers 10 days money back guarantee
*** you can earn by renting space via Pcloud reseller program

pCloud Crypto Service

Pcloud has created best client-side software. This ensures that this system is hack proof. To protect your most important files you can rely on Pcloud anytime. Their remote file access solution is one of the best.

By using pCloud Crypto you can encrypt your most important files on any of your device. You can make these files invincible to others. Pcloud crypto service charges just $ 4.99/mo for one time which is $47.88/mo if it is billed annually. For lifetime subscription package you need to give them $125.

pCloud Discount offer, Promo Codes and Promotion, Promo code

As pCloud provides the best cloud storage service to you, they have a very affordable pricing policy for all. pCloud offers discount facilities for all walks of customer. So don’t hesitate to find the pCloud promo code from the internet. By using, pCloud discount code you can drastically reduce the price of the subscription plan. We are suggesting you to buy pCloud Lifetime plan. This will help you to save more than ever.

In special occasions like christmas, black friday and cyber monday pCloud offers special discount offer to its customers. If you are really trying to save your money then this is high tie of use these pCloud promo code or discount coupon for your save.

This is highly recommended to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest offers and discounts from pCloud and more. We are also providing free shopping suggestions and guidelines so that you can save more for your online shopping.

pCloud FAQ

What is pCloud?
pCloud is a cloud storage based online service. Here you can store your documents, photos, videos and so on in exchange for a certain fee. pCloud is fairly easy to use and also has quite a lot of variety.

How can we operate pCloud file management systems?
pCloud file management is quite easy to use. There are mostly three major factors of the file management system. The search bar lets you search for content in the cloud. The filter lets you filter and organize files according to format. The trash option lets you see or recover deleted files.

Is there a limit of time regarding access of the trash folder in pCloud?
You can access the trash folder anytime. But the files will be available only for 15 days.

Is there any promo code for pCloud?
From time to time in occasions there are special pCloud promo codes. There are also sometimes for special salewise pCloud discount codes available as well.

How can we operate file sharing system in pCloud?
You can invite other members to share and edit files and folders in pCloud. You can also send DOwnload and upload links. There is also a public folder from where you can make direct links to your files as well.

What is pCloud’s measure of safety?
pCloud uses TLS/SSL encryption for security measures. It’s applied when the data is transferred from the user device to the pCloud storage. So pCloud transfer is safe and secure.

Is there a pCloud for web?
There is pCloud web version. It is found as a browser extension. You can add the browser extension by following this process:

Click Menu > Go to the settings menu > Click on the sidebar and navigate to the extensions > open add on/web store > Search for pCloud > Add to browser > Ok

Is there a mobile app for pCloud?
There is a mobile app version of pCloud storage . It is available for Apple and Android devices on the Play store and Itunes respectively.

On which browsers is pCloud extension available?
pCloud Browser extension can be found in chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.

Is pCloud download available for Linux Distributions?
pCloud software is available for Linux distributions. It requires Ubuntu 14.4, Fedora 21, Debian 8 or later versions.

Which Version of MacOS is required for pCloud?
For MacOS devices OS X 10.9 is required for pCloud to run.

Do i need pCloud Login to download pCloud?
pCloud is a free software and is available for download across desktop, laptop and mobile devices. But premium services cost a certain amount.

Is pCloud Free?
pCloud is free for download in terms of software. But there are special; plans for premium services within the site.

What are the service plans for the pCloud Drive?
There are two service plans for pCloud Premium services. An annual and lifetime. Annual has two options of monthly 500 GB space and the other is 2TB. The same goes for lifetime plans as well.