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Legal help at your fingertip : A ROCKETLawyer review

How webbed are we?
We are quite dependant on the web nowadays. With the advent of the internet there are services that very much do every aspect of your day to day life. From groceries to tech-shopping to even medical counselling. We can literally have control over most aspects of life at our fingertips.

Because of how much “webbed” we are, more and more businesses are transferring their primary access to the internet. They are mixing their operations of physical world services with the online world. Legal help is just another part of real world services which is being connected to the web.

Online Legal Help with ROCKETLawyer

When you are trying to make a venture, sort out a dispute, even taking family matters you might be in need of assistance of the legal system or worse be at the receiving end of it. So it might be a hassle for a total newbie to go and handle a legal problem without much inkling of what she/he is really doing.

That’s where ROCKETLawyer fits in. This is an online legal help service that helps you with legal matters like drawing up documents, get legal advice and with venture related legal issues.

ROCKETLawyer : how it works

ROCKETLawyer is an online legal service as mentioned above. It works in a very basic way. The basic breakdown of how ROCKETLawyer works is

Create legal docs : Make legal documents with the help of the professionals and even sign on the documents online with customization.
Get Advice : You can get legal advice online about many aspects of legal help and solutions, also review your legal documents online while get discounts on representation fees from partner lawyers
Protection : Document Defense is a type of service that will find and connect you with a lawyer to enforce your documents.

ROCKETLawyer features

Making Documents
You can draft legal documents of various types with ROCKETLawyer. These types include.

Business and Contracts : There are many business related legal documents and also contractual agreements that you might need drafted. ROCKETLawyer helps you make those documents. These include:

  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • LLC operating documents
  • Independent Contractor Documents
  • Business COntract

Real Estate : There are many real estate related documents at various junctions of your purchase and use of land related properties.

  • Lease Agreement
  • Eviction Notice
  • Intent To Purchase Real estate
  • Quitclaim Deed

Family and Personal : The family and personal related documents are

  • Last will and Testament
  • Living Will
  • Divorce settlement agreement
  • Child Care Authorization.

Starting a Business

Throughout the process of starting and operating a large to medium scale businesses you need to go through a host of legal processes for your varying needs.

Starting a business : At the inception of a business venture it is prudent to go through some processes. If you need an LLC or need to Incorporate a venture or if you need to start a non-profit business you can get help from ROCKETALawyer.

Business Operations : During business operations there are some legal policies businesses need to abide by in regards to employment, HR and Corporate Compliance. ROCKETLawyer helps you with these things
Business Properties: For acquisition of business property or use you also need legal help. ROCKETLawyer helps you with Rental Forms, Trademark Registration and Copyright Protection.

Advice from Legal Experts
You can ask for advice regarding multiple cases of legal situations from ROCKETLawyer. These include :

Business and Contracts : If you need advice or insights to draw up Business documents and Contractual documents then you can avail for legal advice regarding the following matters.

  • Starting a business
  • Contracts and business transactions
  • Handling of Intellectual Property

Finance and Real Estate : If you need help regarding Financing or buying and controlling real estate then you can get counsel fromROCKETLawyer representatives. You can get advice related to:

  • Landlords
  • Home Ownership
  • Taxes

Family and Personal : In regards to Family and personal issues needing legal advice ROCKETLawyer handles :

  • Estate Planning
  • Marriage
  • Divorce

In addition to the help described above there are specified solutions for specific group of people.

For Employers: This customized level of legal help is for those who are engaged in recruitment and HR work. Employers can get legal advice and also access to a plethora of legal documents regarding employee benefits, remuneration, recruitment and human resources

For Small Businesses: For small ventures ROCKETLawyer gives Business formation, Corporate Compliance and Document making work.
For Developers (Programmers) : If you have a business where you require legal documents for you and your software users, then You can avail for legal API services from ROCKETLawyer.

For Lawyers : If you are a lawyer then you also need legal help. You can sign up as a ROCKETLawyer and as a membership you can ask for legal advice with discussion and resolution online

ROCKETLawyer Pricing

Pricing plans are for Premium members and Non-members are different. Although there is no indication on the website on how to become a Premium member. You can contact them on their help page.

For Non-members:
Making Legal Documents : $39.99 per document
Attorney Services :

  • Document Defense : $9.99
  • Legal Questions : $49.99
  • Half an hour consultation on new matters : $59.99

For Businesses :

  • Incorporation Filing : $99.99
  • Registered agent service : $149.99

For premium members these services are Free or waived by a certain percentage.

These pricing may vary by dint of offers, ROCKETLawyer Coupon Codes and ROCKETLAwyer Promo codes which are offered at Black Friday Sales, Christmas and New Year sales as well.