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The Perfect Image with the perfect Pixel : A Shortpixel review

Images are essential
In the perfect sense a picture tells a 100 stories with just one glance. Use of images in our day to day lives has been in our lives from the prehistoric ages. Cavemen would draw images of their day to day lives and those were discovered by the modern man to tell stories about the ancient men. So storytelling and explaining without saying is something that images can convey without much effort.

So using images to convey many things is a medium that businesses and technology can harness and implement without fail. So in a website when you’re displaying your contents images contextualize the look, feel, work and message you want to accomplish with your website.

Why you need Image compression

Now, many websites like facebook will optimize and compress your images with their own resources. This ensures a fast loading time and a smooth experience for the visitors. But when you are uploading images in your website that is something of another story.

When you take pictures with a camera that image is a raw file. The raw image is of a huge size. If you upload that raw image to your website without processing it, then this will result in low speed and ultimately visitors will leave. That’s why You need a medium like Shortpixel. Let’s see how shortpixel can help us with our image processing.

Shortpixel : What is it?
Shortpixel Image Optimizer and processor uses its photo processing technologies to compress, process and optimize images so that the image can be uploaded to the site and will not hinder loading speed.

The upside in all this is that there will not be any drop of quality in the images. The compression technology used by Shortpixel ensures the size is reduced but the image quality remains the same as before.

Shortpixel Features
The basic feature of this website is basically to compress images. You can avail for this service absolutely free and you can find it on the Shortpixel website. You can compress up to 50 files each comprising of 10 MB. The formats are jpeg, PNG and GIFs. You can take the photo size limit out of the equation by signing up for services. There are three types of conversions

Lossy : It provides the smallest optimized images.
Glossy : the images ensure good google insights but might just increase image sizes and decrease page load speed a bit.
Lossless : This feature ensures that the image is absolutely immaculate and copies the pixels of original copy.

Along with compression the Shortpixel people also have some tools on board for many user needs.

Shortpixel WordPress Plugin: The Shortpixel WordPress Plugin can be used on your WordPress sites. It can optimize your images and get your site up and running within seconds

Adaptive Images WP plugin : This Shortpixel wordpress plugin analyzes website images and scales down the sites and they are served from a CDN.

Shortpixel Website Optimizer : It is a PHP based web interface that supports Joomla, Drupal etc. And it optimizes the site’s image folders.

Shortpixel Command line tool : The Shortpixel command line tool can optimize Image folders straight from the command line.

Reducer API : This API lets you shrink an image according to its URL.

Post Reducer API : This lets you shrink an image which is not online, but you can upload the images to the Shortpixel servers using a POST HTTP CALL.

PHP Client Library : This client library has an easy and quick configuration and uses flowing syntax to access Shortpixel services.

Shortpixel App for Zapier : This app can compress images on Dropbox or Google drive via Zapier.

Shortpixel Pricing

The compression is a free service from shortpixel but there are other pricing plans to consider for lucrative premium offers.

Free : You can process about a 100 Images per month with easy to use tools, API access, All three compression features, WP plugin and some other features.

Short : You can process 5000 images per month with the same features that a free account gives. This plan costs $4.99/month.

Large : You can process 12000 images with all the features and first priority support and this plan will cost you about $9.99/month

XXL: You can process 55000 images per month with priority support and it costs $29.99/per month.

Shortpixel Promo codes, Coupon Codes and Discount Offers: You can get discounts of significant portions from sales offers though Shortpixel coupon codes. Black Friday, Christmas, New Years sales also have Shortpixel promo codes for great offers.

Comparisons With Others
Shortpixel is a very good option for you if you want image processed while there are others in the market the comparisons is given below with two competitors.

Shortpixel vs Smush

Smush is essentially just a wordpress plugin. You can only use it with WordPress sites. But Shortpixel has much support for other CMSs and also HTML/CSS built sites.

Shortpixel vs Imagify

Shortpixel and Imagify are very similar to each other in essence. So it depends on your demand and these companies’ pricing plan. The image quality and processing are almost the same. But Shortpixel does have a comprehensive software support.

Shortpixel FAQ

What is Shortpixel?
Shortpixel is an online image compressor and optimizer. Raw images increase loading times by quite a lot and that hinders the user experience. So in order to ensure speedy page load you can compress your images using Shortpixel.

How does Shortpixel work?
Shortpixel compresses the image. It reduces image size. There are three types of compression levels. These are used accordingly to ensure that the image quality does not suffer because of the reduction.

What are the details of Shortpixel Compression ?
The Shortpixel compression is a free online service that you can use to compress your images. But there are some limitations and conditions regarding this.

  • You can upload up to 50 images at a time
  • Each image must not exceed 10 MB in size
  • The formats supported by Shortpixel compression are jpeg, png and GIF.

What is Shortpixel Lossy?
Shortpixel Lossy is the most used level of compression. It breaks down the images into the smallest edit size possible. It is used to ensure a very fast loading speed for your webpage.

What is Shortpixel Glossy?
Shortpixel Glossy is another level of compression from Shortpixel. Sometimes Google insights require a certain image size and quality that might not ensure the most page speed. Glossy is the level of medium level compression.

What is Shortpixel Lossless?
Shortpixel lossless is the type of compression that ensures the best quality in images. It reduces the image pixel by pixel. It ensures that raw and processed images are identical. Those who want the maximum image quality can use Shortpixel Lossless.

Is there a Shortpixel WordPress plugin?
There is a Shortpixel WordPress plugin for WordPress websites. You can get your website images processed and ready in almost no time. You can add the plugin from the plugin stores

What is the Shortpixel pricing plans?
Shortpixel has 4 pricing plans.
Free : 100 images per month, With plugin and easy access, Free of cost
Short : 5000 images per month, With plugin and easy access, $4.99/month
Large : 12000 images per month, With plugin and easy access, $9.99/month
XXL : 55000 images per month, With plugin and easy access, $29.99/month

Are there Shortpixel promo codes?
There are many times when there are sales promotion going on. In these there is a considerable amount of discounts offered by Shortpixel on their site with sitewide promo codes. Other mediums and partnerships also provide promo codes for Shortpixel.

Is there any Shortpixel coupon code?
In times of Black Friday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year Sales Shortpixel has coupon codes for sales discounts on their premium services.

Is there a Shortpixel affiliate program?
There is a Shortpixel affiliate program. You can register and sign up as a Shortpixel affiliate. You will get an affiliate URL. If there are sales with your tracking code you will receive commission and extra cash. Shortpixel offers up to 50% commission on affiliate sales.

Is there a command line tool for Shortpixel?
There is a command line tool for image compression by Shortpixel. With this you can type in commands straight from the command line and compress image folders of your website. Linux and MacOS users feel at home with this feature.

To what type of websites does Shortpixel provide service?
Shortpixel can optimize images for :

  • HTML/CSS built sites
  • WordPress SIte
  • Joomla sites
  • Drupal Sites

Imagify vs Shortpixel, Which one should I choose?
Imagify and WordPress has almost the same type of services. But Shortpixel provides lots of features for developers. Imagify is easy to use. It depends on the use type and the user. So its up to you.

Smush vs Shortpixel, Which is the better one?
Between Smush and Shortpixel Shortpixel is one to choose.Smush is just a WordPress plugin while shortpixel is a full-fledged service. Shortpixel has quite a large amount of support for backend developers as well. So Shortpixel should be your choice.