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Utility for great use : A Software Stars Review

Even though our world is getting smaller and being tight fit to our palms, it is right to keep our basics in check. With all the parts of our world being very much connected we need to keep track of which parts are essential to us beyond the shortening of our worldly functions. If the previous words seemed a bit vague to you then let me put it in simpler words. PC SOFTWARE is still KING! PC software is still the basis of many of the advancements we see in our world; Front back and center.

Some functions in our PC, net and utility usage in our office and home still need some solid desktop software that can get us through to easier jobs. In this regard, we need knowledge regarding good software brands which build the best tools. Now we all know about the constantly mentioned brands such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Adobe, IBM and so on. But there are also some brands which give us context for specialized PC software.

So today we discuss one such brand in detail. Today’s brand is called Software stars. They provide a handful of software and product bundles that help in special use cases.
Let’s get to know these brands and products a little bit better.

Software Stars Product list
Software Stars make specialized software for many use cases. These cases include special uses for the desktop and office related work. Their products depend on three types of Work.

  • Photo Editing
  • Document Handling
  • Software Installation.

For each of these uses Software stars provide one product or product bundle. These products handle each of the aspects explained above and also accomplish related goals as well. So let’s take a look at each of these options in detail.

Photostars 2019
Photostars 2019 is the Photo editing related product bundle from Software stars. This is just not one product but a series of products that focus on a different spectrum of photo editing. There are currently 11 software in this bundle. So let’s take a look at several of the products in the bundle.

Analog Projects 3 : This software brings the look and feel of previous analog photos to new photos. The features of this software were tweaked by professional photographers. The main features of this are :
Photo enhancement with one click

  • Analog filters
  • Correction of glitches
  • Image format support

easyHDR 2 : If you want to make photos have an HDR effect but not clicked with a DSLR cameras and no access to the lightroom software then this is an option for you. The features of this product include :

  • Single Shot HDR
  • RAW image combination
  • Generation of RAW files
  • Multiple image format support

FOCUS projects 3 Professional : This is a tool to make out of focus photos look in focus. Main features are

  • Fix snap focus issues
  • Presets
  • Filter sets

Fast Photo : Fast photo lets you have multiple edits like masks, filters, exposure and others in just one click. Features include

  • Presets
  • Filter options
  • Easy to use interface
  • Image format support

Apart from these are 

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder : For intuitive screen captures and editing

Duplicate photo Cleaner : Clearing out duplicate photo files

ProDENALIN : Smartphone and Action cam video editor

UpdateStar Video Converter : To convert Videos into multiple formats and resolutions


The Software bundle is available for use in a price of $49.75. Although Photostars promo codes might give you a discount on the offers.

REVO uninstaller
REVO uninstaller is another product from Software stars. This works with installation of software on WIndows devices. Software is installed quite frequently in our home and office devices. But Windows does not keep track of the files that clutter our storage after every installation. In this case an installer does this and also some other functions to help keep the PC clean for proper work. REVO is that sort of installer software. Its main features include

Uninstall : This shows all of the software components on your desktop and uninstalls them is bulk or selectively according to choice
Forced Uninstall : Glitchy programs need to be uninstalled forcefully. This feature does that
Batch : This feature lets you group actions together to get things done together
Monitor : REVO monitors software usage and installation features.
Logs : This keeps account of the changes and software installs made on the device


Currently there are two versions of this product available. The REVO Uninstaller PRO 4 version costs $29.96 and the portable version is $52.46
There are some REVO uninstaller Coupon codes and offers you can use to purchase the product on a discount.

Soda PDF

This is probably the most popular product from Software stars. Soda PDF is a PDF converter and editor. PDFs are hard to edit and tweak. Soda PDF is a very good option for you to use for working with PDFs. Its features include

  • Create PDF files
  • View PDF files
  • Convert PDF files to Word, Excel, TXT
  • Use Soda PDF online
  • Edit PDF files
  • Review files
  • Make forms


  • Soda PDF 11 Home – 79.95 euros
  • Soda PDF 11 Premium – 129.95 Euros
  • Soda PDF 11 Premium and OCR – 159.95 Euros

There are Soda PDF promo codes and discount offers that may save some money from this pricelist.

Software Stars FAQ

What type of products are there in Software Stars?
Software Stars is a software developer organization. It develops many products for desktop and laptop devices. It makes software for Photo Editing, PDF support and also Uninstaller products. They are Photostars, Soda PDF and REVO uninstaller respectively.

What is the photo editing product in Software Stars?
The photo editing software offered by Software Stars is called PhotoStars 2019 in the current iteration. This is a software bundle consisting of products regarding photo and video editing options.

How many products are in the PhotoStars Bundle from Software Stars?
There are currently 11 products in the PhotoStars 2019 bundle. These products are used for various photo and video editing purposes including Analog photos, focus editing, Screen recording, mobile video editing etc.

What are the PhotoStars 2019 pricing plans in Software Stars ?
The Photostars bundle comes in 1 pricing plan. All 11 products can be bought as a combination at $49.95.

What are the REVO uninstaller pricing plans in Software Stars?
REVO uninstaller comes in 2 pricing plans. The Pro version costs $29.96 and the portable version costs $52.46 for the whole bundle of 11 products.

What are the Soda PDF pricing plans in Software Stars?
Soda PDF is the PDF conversion and editing software available on Software Stars. There are 3 pricing plans regarding Soda PDF. The whole software Home Version costs 79.95 Euros, the premium version costs 129.95 Euros and the Premium + OCR version costs 159.95 Euros.

Is there any document editing software in Software Stars?
There is a document editing software in the form of Soda PDF available in Software Stars. This lets you convert and edit PDF files with some other features as well.

What is REVO Uninstaller used for?
In Windows PCs, uninstalls can leave a lot of unused and unnecessary files in the meantime. REVO Uninstaller is used to control uninstall operations and also batch together many actions at once so the Windows environment does not get cluttered.

Can I do bulk actions with REVO Uninstaller?
When you want to uninstall any software from Windows then you can’t do so in bulk. So REVO uninstaller lets you uninstall your programmes in bulk and you can group together software to be uninstalled.

Is there any REVO uninstaller discount offer?
There are REVO promo codes at many sales promotions which you can use to buy and download REVO uninstaller. Christmas and New Year sales can get you these codes and offers.

Are there any Soda PDF Coupon codes?
In occasion of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year sales you can get Soda PDF coupon codes and promo deals to get discounts offers.

Can i use Soda PDF online?
You can use Soda PDF in both Desktop and online environments. There is also a browser extension in the chrome web store for Soda PDF.

Is Soda PDF free?
There is a Soda PDF free download version but there are other premium options that you might want if there are many special functions you want to accomplish.

How is the Soda PDF customer service?
Soda PDF has great customer service. It handles customer queries and problems 24/7 and has free customer support on call for many of its services.