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Management is available on a reward as-you-go premise and incorporates info stockpiling, social databases, enormous information preparing, Anti-DDoS security and substance conveyance systems (CDN). In the meantime, Cloud is focused on the innovative work of substantial database frameworks and progressed huge information advancements. Alibaba Cloud’s R&D endeavors incorporate the headway of IoT (Internet of Things) innovation, virtual reality, keen homes, car systems administration and data frameworks, and cloud-based cell phone working framework.

Outside of Alibaba Cloud status as the main cloud supplier in China, Alibaba Cloud gives arrangements that lead the market in universal execution and ease of use, cloud security, and progressed R&D innovation. As of June 2017, Cloud is set in the Visionaries’ quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Worldwide. With their realism class context and reliably growing international nearness, Alibaba Cloud is keen on turning into a main worldwide cloud management supplier.

Data Center Regions

Alibaba Cloud has 19 to above local server farms all comprehensive, including China North, China East, US West, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, US East, China South, Middle East, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Australia,
The Data Center in Europe is worked by Vodafone Germany and situated in Frankfurt.


Alibaba Cloud gives cloud computing IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, including administrations, for example, web-based business, huge information, IoT, and information customization.

Academic Partner

In 2017, Alibaba Cloud and the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) mutually propelled a college authorize enterprise program for tertiary understudies.

Alibaba Cloud Advantages

Cloud Without Borders

Chop down inertness and send normally on Alibaba Cloud’s international system of 19 server farm locations and 45 accessibility zones, including access to China under one single international record.

Defend Your Data

Alibaba Cloud is focused on the most abnormal amounts of consistency including Germany’s C5 standard, PCI DSS for installments, HIPAA for social insurance, and the EU GDPR for information security and protection.

China’s Largest Cloud Provider

Access China’s most progressive cloud arrange, including 1,000+ CDN hubs and 7 sending areas, and additionally committed ICP application and consistency bolster.

Elastic Computing
Elastic Compute Service (ECS)
Simple Application Server
Super Computing Cluster
Function Compute
Batch Compute
Dedicated Host
Server Load Balancer
Container Service
Container Service for Kubernetes
Container Registry
Elastic GPU Service
Auto Scaling
Resource Orchestration Service
ECS Bare Metal Instance
Anti-DDoS Basic
Anti-DDoS Pro
Web Application Firewall
Server Guard
Alibaba Cloud Vulnerability Discovery Service
Managed Security service
Content Moderation

Data IDE
Machine Learning Platform For AI
Database Services
ApsaraDB for RDS
ApsaraDB for Redis
ApsaraDB for MongoDB
Data Transmission Service (DTS)
HybridDB for PostgreSQL
ApsaraDB for Memcache
Distributed Relational Database Service
High-Performance Time Series Database

Alibaba Cloud FAQ

What is Alibaba Cloud service?
Alibaba cloud is the cloud computing service from alibaba. It provides storage, cpu and other performance from cloud or from their own servers, yet the user will not need to have the services physically.

Is there any Web hosting service available at Alibaba cloud?
There is web hosting service available on alibaba cloud. It is divided into 3 types of service tiers:

  • For Small websites
  • For Medium Websites
  • For Large Websites

What is the name of Alibaba Cloud computing service?
The name of the Alibaba Cloud Computing Services is Elastic Compute Service or ECS. It provides enterprise oriented cloud computing, Stable and fast data storage and more.

What type of Alibaba cloud services are there?
Alibaba cloud services gives

  • Elastic Computing services
  • Database Services
  • Storage and Content Delivery Network
  • Big Data and AI services
  • Application media and cloud management services

What is the minimum amount of alibaba cloud storage available?
The minimum amount of storage available in the alibaba cloud service is in the standard storage option. It gives standard storage of 0 to 5GB. It is for free in Alibaba cloud.

Is there an Alibaba Cloud free trial?
There is an Alibaba Cloud free trial option for most of the services.As for example the elastic computing service can be availed in a free trial capacity. But some do not have that feature. So you might have to navigate services to find out.

What are the Alibaba Cloud OSS plans?
There are currently 3 Alibaba Cloud OSS plans.

  • Standard : With no Minimum storage period
  • Infrequent access : WIth 30 days minimum storage period
  • Archive: With 60 days minimum storage period.

Is there anyway to gain Alibaba Cloud Careers information?
You can get career information on the Alibaba Cloud web page.
Process : Go to the homepage > Scroll down to the bottom of the page > Click careers > Check Job listings.

How Does the Alibaba cloud Logo look like?
The Alibaba cloud logo looks like a short hyphen mark enclosed inside a pair of braces. It essentially looks like this [-]

How is the Alibaba Cloud pricing done for Content Delivery Networks?
The pricing is done for CDNs in regards of two factors.

  • Pay by peak bandwidth
  • Pay by trafic

Is there a separate alibaba cloud US site?
You can access US site by adding us. In front of the alibaba cloud website URL. Then it will filter some content in the site by region. You can do the same for other regions. As for example: Alibaba cloud Australia.

What is the country of origin of the Alibaba Cloud Computing company?
The origin country of the Alibaba Cloud Computing Company is China. But it has services available all over the world in different regions.

Alibaba Cloud vs AWS, which brand is better?
Alibaba cloud has most of the bells and whistles related with the cloud computing companies as do AWS. But AWS is more enterprise ecommerce oriented and Alibaba Cloud enterprise/Big Data level. It depends on the type of cloud computing services you want.

How much does an alibaba cloud server for simple application cost for Windows?
The cost for an alibaba cloud server for simple application depends on the core of the CPU, memory and SSD. The lowest one costs $9 month and the highest configuration costs $99.

When was Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd established?
Alibaba Cloud Company ltd was found in 2009.