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Protect your Web Content : A DMCA review

In this day and age it’s kind of a no brainer to not have a web presence as an individual or as an organization. You can literally find so many opportunities to market yourself and your services with relatively easy access to the internet. You might not have found it to create an online presence 3-4 years ago where web development had not reached peak universal utility.

Your content Needs Protection
Nowadays you can find tutorials and programs through which you can literally transition into a career of web development pretty easily. If that’s not your cup of tea then you can easily make and manage a website just by using a CMS like WOrdPress. But in this day and age of universal web access the opportunities of malpractice has also risen. So keeping your online resources safe is a very tricky obstacle that you need to learn to traverse.

DMCA helps
In comes an online security service like DMCA. DMCA is short for Digital Millennium Copyright Act Services. Nowadays it’s easy to set up a website, upload content, and receive a decent pay for your work.It is also easy to steal and duplicate your content and make money off of your hard work. So DMCA provides services so that your content is protected and has your back through and through.

So let’s take an elaborate yet brief overview of what DMCA offers and how you can benefit off of its services.

DMCA : A quick intro
As mentioned above DMCA is concerned with protection of web content. It does so with various services. The main ways protection of content is done through DMCA is by

  • Website Protection
  • Takedowns
  • Compliances

In addition to these three you can also have badges show on your website showing you have protection. Let’s break down each of these features for you to get a better idea.

Website Protection
This website protection service is called protection pro. Protection pro has some features that you might want to look at

DMCA Premium Badges: There are premium Protection badges that you can use to show that your website is protected by the DMCA. With this you can also manage your security certificates and can have verification upon payment.

DIY Case Management: There might be instances where your content might be stolen or websites might be copied, Then you have to takedown the perpetrators of the act. DIY case management helps you easily take down websites on your own.

Website Scanner : This website scanner can scan websites for copied content and provide reports of these copies for later actions.

Watermarker : The Watermarker feature lets you protect and give a sign of protect an unlimited number of images on your website.

Website Detective: This feature lets you find out about the website owner which stole your content. You can know the host and ISP companies of the perpetrators.

DMCA Pricing Plans : Currently there are two pricing plans for protection pro. There is a free version of Protection pro with limited access to the number of services. There is also a premium service that lets you have the full version of the product at $10/month.

Takedown Options
Once you find out your content has been stolen you have to take action against the thieves. This is called a takedown. The Takedown actions involve

Trademark Takedown: This involves the taking down of an icon or trademark being stolen or fabricated from your website.

Defamation Takedown: If a website content displays or conveys wrongful information about your website that puts your day to day work in risk, then a defamation takedown is performed.

Takedown Counter Claim: If a claim coomes against your site of plagiarism and your site is on the verge of a takedown you can use this counterclaim to prove your legitimacy.

Content Theft Search: You can search for sites which have stolen your content through this feature.

Pricing: This is a premium feature and there are two types of features that are associated with takedowns. Full service takedowns let you takedown ful sites with your stolen content. Each site that has duplicated content can be taken down with the cost of $199 per site. Also there is a webmasters toolkit for you to use for tracking stolen content. This costs $10 per month.


This service lets you copyright your website and content very easily. There are several types of compliant services you can get with DMCA. They are

Free Compliance: This is a free version of the compliant service, This service includes a compliant badge and a Compliant page on your site.

Basic Compliance: This compliance lets you have 10 takedown cases for $10 dollars. You will also have the case management system onboard and also Takedown notice forms with it. This service costs $10/month.

Business Compliance: This is similar to the basic compliance form but you can get 100+ takedown cases for $50 and other features are the same.

Enterprise Compliance : This lets you have access to an unlimited number of takedown cases along with API access to forms. It also has the case management system onboard. This service costs $500 per month


The internet has too many opportunities to succeed and also almost the same amount of potholes. Stolen and Plagiarized content might be some of the most infuriating things you might have to deal with. So don’t deal with them, because you can let DMCA handle this. Take a stand and be protected, It’s your right as a netizen.