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LastPass can remember all your online passwords. so you don’t have to worried about remembering passwords. You just have to remember only a major password. LastPass stores your all online passwords and automatically filling them when you needed. This is why you don’t have to use one password for various sites. and it reduces the risk of hacking. it also stores form filling data and automatically fill up when you need. it makes online shopping quicker and easy.

There are several advantages of the LastPass as well as the addition of password protection

  • With this you can quickly use the password where you need it.
  • Through this, you can make online shopping easier. Because it will fill up with your required information when needed.
  • If you use one password more than once, it will tell you and ask to change the password.
  • Apart from passwords in the vault, you can store your private files and data.
  • With this you can create a strong password.
  • When they go to a new site, they give the option of depositing them.
  • It is well organized to keep your information well.

LastPass is free for different devices. And it works great &  has everything you whatever need. But at a very low price, you can use a premium version that helps you store additional data or files and sharing passwords. If you do not need to share additional data or files, it is best to use a free version. Premium version is also cheaper than other password managers.

LastPass family version is important for family members. Through this, the password for the family, such as medical accounts, credit cards, etc can be shared with family members. And family members can store password.

LastPass Enterprise is a great deal for business users. Through this, enterprise users can be monitored and it is affordable for them.

The master password is very important because through Master Password your remaining passwords are protected. The master password should be easy for you to remember and difficult to guess to others.

If you forget the master password through a feature called LastPass Emergency Access, it is possible to get access through your trusted friends help.

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LastPass FAQ

What is LastPass?
LastPass is a password management service for online accounts and websites. LastPass stores passwords of your online portals including :financial accounts, Social media, and other important account’s login credentials.

Is there LastPass browser support?
LastPass has a browser extension and it is the primary service. You can add the browser extension by going through these steps :
Go to Browser settings > go to add-ons/extensions > go to the browser web store > Search for LastPass > Add the extension to the browser

Is there a LastPass mobile App?
There is an app for LastPass for smartphone and tablet devices. You can store passwords and manage them on the go. LastPass app is available on three platforms : Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

What is the LastPass Digital Wallet?
The LastPass digital wallet is a service from LastPass regarding financial information. You can easily store your financial information like PayPal, Credit cards, Apple pay etc in this service. There is high level of protection for your information using encryption and two factor login.

which browsers support LastPass?
The LastPass browser extension is supported by most of the popular browsers. The supported browsers are : Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

What are the personal LastPass pricing plans?
There are currently 3 personal plans for LastPass. The free plan means free to use service and download. The premium plan costs $3 each month and the family plan costs $4 each month.

What are the business LastPass pricing plans?
There are currently 4 business plans of LastPass.The teams costs $4 per user and per month, The enterprise plan costs $6 per user and per month, the MFA plan with intelligent authentication costs $3 per user and per month, the identity package has both enterprise and MFA features at $8 per month and per user.

What are the features of the personal plan of LastPass?
The Premium family plan for LastPass gives you backup support for your passwords and autofill details for forms. The family plan lets you save the password and online information for the family members. You can also assign trusted members to store your passwords in case of account recovery.

Is there any desktop Software for LastPass?
There is no desktop package from LastPass but there is a browser extension and also a mobile app you can download for free or avail for premium services. .

Are there a LastPass Coupon codes?
There are LastPass coupon codes on site wide sales promotions from LastPass at different times. There are also LastPasspromo codes on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year Sales.

Is LastPass free?
You can download LastPass for free for both mobile devices and also you can add an extension in the browsers. But premium plans offer some better features that might have good use like backup of information.

Is there a LastPass free trial?
There is a 30 day free trial for the personal family plan for LastPass.