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Skillz offers a cool gaming platform where you decide to compete for enjoyable or genuine cash prizes. Additionally Skillz has partnered along with over 3,000 game developers to be able to offer online games on ios (Apple), the Galaxy Store (Samsung), and on Android platforms. To date they possess supplied more than $200 million in rewards to it’s users, And earned the title of the # 1 fastest progressing private company in America and the 1st e-sport company ever named to the CNBC Disruptor 50 list.

Skillz, games galore, A way for pleasure and also income

Whenever you are bored at office with work done, or on campus in between classes, even at home with all the chores done, you want to do something to kill time. You usually look at your phone and scroll through endless posts on social media. There is another thing we all like to do on the phone and that is playing casual games. Advancements in technology in helping us through boredom.But What if you could actually earn some cash while you are arranging cards or shooting bubbles? This is where Skillz comes in.

Skillz Platform
Skillz is an esports platform, that has tons of games on offer. These games are available mainly on Android and Apple devices. Currently there are about 13,000 games on Skillz and counting. These games are highly competitive and fun to play as well as profitable because of Skillz.

On top of providing a platform for these Skillz also provides major perks to it’s gamers. There are Skillz match codes for getting into special high stakes matches or tournaments. You can also get special Skillz promo codes for special perks on in game purchases or stakes.

Skillz Games You Should Play
Now Skillz isn’t a tough subject like rocket science, it’s pretty easy to get a grasp of. But newcomers might be lost in the sea about which games to play. A good advice would be to play games which have the most competitive gamer base or the most popular ones in other words. In that regard you should play the featured games. To make your day even better let me list the featured games on Skillz. For your convenience, I’ve listed the featured games you should play on Skillz categorized by game types.

Skillz Cards and Board games

Solitaire Cube
Solitaire Cube is a card based game on Skillz. If you have played solitaire before then this is the same type of card matching. But you have to be fast, ahead of time and also ahead of others. That is how you can win here. There are special matches and tournaments where you can earn big. For those you need Solitaire cube match codes. There are also Solitaire cube promo codes and coupon codes which gives you benefits in terms of bets and stakes. There Solitaire cube app is on android and apple devices

21 Blitz
21 Blitz is also one of the Card Game this game is the combination of Blackjack and Solitaire. Like Solitaire Cube 21 blitz is also a card based game with elements of fast playing in tact. 21 Blitz match codes are available for special tournaments and 21 Blitz promo codes give you special perks and in game purchases. Some people call it Blitz 21 Solitaire or 21 Blitz solitaire, but be sure to search 21 blitz app on Android and Apple

Dominos Gold
Dominos Gold is a Domino game for Android and Apple. It has a competitive level of gamer base but not tournaments.

Spider Solitaire Cube
This is similar to solitaire Cube but with the classic windows game mechanics available for Apple

Pyramid Solitaire Cube
The pyramid version of solitaire cube. It is also available on Apple.

Solitaire Tour – Classic Cards
This is another solitaire game but with classic card graphics. Available on Android and Apple

Freecell Solitaire Cube
The freecell version of the solitaire game available on Apple.

Texas Solitaire Cube
The Texas hold em version of solitaire for Apple and Android

The classic Chinese Mahjong game is on Skillz for Android and Apple devices

A dice based game on SKillz available for Apple

Cubes, Bubbles & tiles

Cube Cube
Cupe cube is one of the most competitive games on the Skillz platform. Cube cube has good tournaments. So Cube cube match codes are handy. As with games mentioned above cube cube promo codes are handy available from time to time. Cube cube coupon codes are also there for your taking. Available on Android and Apple

Bubble Shooter tournaments
Bubble Shooter tournament is also one of the most competitive games on skillz. It is centered around shooting bubbles on a timed scale. Available on Android and Apple.

Bubble Shooter Arena
Another version of bubble shooter but it gives emphasis on one on one gameplay. It is available on Android and Apple

Block Blitz
Block blitz is the classic tetris game version on skillz available on Apple and Android

Diamond Strike
If you know candy crush then you will have fun with this game which is available on Apple.

Bubble Shooter league
The other version of bubble shooter with ongoing leagues and seasons for Apple.

Jewel Blitz
A tile matching game based on jewel tiles. It is available on Apple and Android.

Diamond Blitz
Another tile matching game with DIamond based tiles Android and apple devices

A game like the bubble shooter but with ping pong like game mechanics for Apple

Games and Sports

Strike! Esports Bowling
A bowling based game from Skillz. It is one of the top game bases in the platform like the games mentioned above like 21 blitz there are also Strike Esports bowling promo codes and match codes for power and perks.Available on both android and apple

Pro Pool ultimate 8 ball
Pro pool is also very competitive game on Skillz It has a big gaming community which engages in tournaments and leagues for leadership. It is also one of Skillz free money games.

Dunk A Lot – tournament
It is a basketball based free throw game. It has individual player and 1 on 1 games. Available on Android and Apple.

Golf Pro esports Golf game
A golfing game from esports. It is an Apple exclusive game.

Millionaire TV Cash Prizes
This is a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire type of quiz game where you can compete one on one for cash prizes.

Wordie -esports word game
This is a word based pictionary game for Android and Apple.

Quezztion Real Money mania
This is also a quiz based game for only apple users on Skillz

Other than these there are games like

  • Word Race
  • Can Strike
  • Pro league Bubble shooter
  • Word Cube
  • Cribbage Blitz
  • Gin Rummy Gold
  • Real Money Word Search
  • Jelly Jamboree
  • Golf Solitaire Cube
  • Pool Payday
  • Question Cube
  • Backgammon Blitz
  • Rummy Solitaire
  • 21 Frenzy
  • Smash 100
  • 10 pin Shuffle tournaments
  • Color Combo challenge
  • Laps Tournaments
  • Mixmaster Showdown
  • Word Blitz
  • Moneyball
  • Pro League Solitaire
  • Threesquare
  • Mini Golf King
  • Color Ring Cash Tournament
  • Gem Blitz
  • Pipe Cube
  • Dice Blitz
  • 3D cave runner
  • Pyramid Solitaire Royal Gold
  • Gun blast League
  • Real Money Solitaire
  • Paint Box match 3 colors

Skillz coupon & Promo Code

Skillz Games Discount Discount Value
Cube Cube Tournament coupon code $35
Solitaire Cube Free Money when deposit $30
$10 in Bonus Cash Cube Cube after 1 hour of play time for new users!
$30 in Bonus Cash in Bubble Shooter Tournaments when deposit $30

Skillz have listed games:

  • Skillz Solitaire cube match (you can find solitaire cube match code here)
  • Skillz Cube Cube for IOS and Samsung (You also find cube cube promo code from our skillz store)
  • Bubble shooter (If you need Bubble shooter promo code then look at earlier this page)
  • Strike Bowling Tournament
  • Real Money Pool
  • Find strike skillz promo codes from our thousands of skillz coupons. Use strike real money bowling promo code & get exiting discount
  • BEFORE you make your first deposit find diamond strike promo codes from this page.

If you need coupon codes for name bubbles, then Find name bubbles promo code from our largest coupon collections. In this store page, you will find name bubbles discount codes.

Before you start the game, find solitaire cube skillz match code for free skillz Bonus cash. Sikkls offers promo code for real money pool, twiddle cube promo code, strike skillz bowling promo code, skillz clothing store, skillz Samsung coupon code, skillz games for android, real money pool promo code, and many more.

Skillz FAQ

How to find cube cube promo code?
Visit our skillz games coupon store page for find latest skillz games promo code & cube cube skillz esports match code.

How to use solitaire cube promo code
Login to your account before starting the tournament. Apply your collected promo code for getting solitaire cube free money.

Can i really win money on Skillz?
Skillz is a multiplayer competition system that lets you complete in mobile video games with other people around the globe for either real cash or digital money.

To play for actual money, tap the Store switch on the primary menu as well as enter your charge card number or PayPal account information. When you make a down payment, you can make use of that money to get in cash money competitions and also win genuine prize money. You can then withdraw your winnings whenever.

What is is an online mobile multiplayer competitors platform that is incorporated right into a variety of iOS as well as Android games. Gamers utilize it to complete in competitors versus various other gamers throughout the world.

How does Skillz pay?
When your game is live with Skillz, it’s time to get paid. Any type of game that is running cash tournaments is eligible for obtaining a settlement. You will certainly be paid based upon the cash entry fees gamers pay in your game as well as will get a 50% earnings share. The actual quantity is damaged down on your earnings declaration each month

What is Skillz Esports?
Skillz Esports is a mobile gaming platform. Under Skillz there are many games for mobile devices. People can download and play these games. They can take part in tournaments and earn cash prizes from the games.

Can I earn money in Skillz?
There are lots of games under the skillz banner. These games have large followers who compete in tournaments within the featured games. You can take part in this tournaments and get huge cash prizes from competing in tournaments. There are normal games devoid of the tournaments where there are special matches where you can earn money as well.

Is there a Skillz app?
There is no Skillz app in general but there are games under Skillz which are essentially Apps. You can find which games are under SKillz by going to the website. You can download specific games from either Google Play Store and Apple App Store depending on the device.

What are the best games in Skillz?
The best games in Skillz are those which have the most active gamers and also the most competitive tournaments. In that regard, the best games in Skillz are Solitaire Cube, 21 Blitz, Cube Cube, Bubble Shooter and Strike! Esports Bowling.

Is there any Skillz Promo code?
Skillz promo codes are offered at various points of the year. You can get discounts on in game purchases and special perks in games. These promo codes are available at Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year times.

What is skillz 21 Blitz?
21 Blitz is a very popular card game on Skillz. It has one of the largest gamer base of all the Skillz games and there are huge cash prize tournaments in this game. This game has elements of Blackjack and Solitaire. You have to be fast and beat the designated time in order to win.

Is there any Skillz match code?
There are special Skillz match codes available at many times. These match codes are for high level players. These match codes give entry to high profile tournaments in popular Skillz games.

How can i play play skillz games?
You can Skillz games by downloading the game from Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on the device. Not all games are available for all devices so checking out the game availability is important. You can check this out at the Skillz website.

Is there any sports based game in Skillz?
There are quite a few sports based games on Skillz. They are Strike! Esports Bowling, Pro Pool Ultimate 8 ball, Dunk a Lot tournament, Golf Pro Esports Golf Game,

What games are the most competitive on Skillz?
The most competitive games on Skillz are Solitaire Cube, 21 Blitz, Strike! Esports Bowling, Pro Pool Ultimate 8 ball.

Learn how to find & use skillz promo codes and coupons code