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Superb looks and functionality with Superb Themes : A Superb Themes review

When you are trying to construct a strategy for your internet based ventures, You have to take quite a lot of points that need to be ticked off your checklist. A website, hosting, maintenance, social media, and a whole lot more. Take note of the website being the first thing to be ticked off. You can’t think of having a web presence without a website. Now this would be a much tedious task 8-10 years ago, but now we can construct website in a jiffy with WordPress.

Easy web management with WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that allows you to make and manage your own websites and you need to know almost no coding knowledge to actually make a website (Although it helps if you know some). Now WordPress significantly reduces effort of making a website, but there are some components you need to ensure in order to make a potent website. Themes and plugins are some essential parts of the website development in WordPress.

There are a host of sources over the web to find and buy these websites and plugins. So to make your work a little less tiresome, today we will discuss a store where you can find good themes and plugins and some more benefits. And that store’s name is Superb themes.

Superb Themes overview

Superb Themes is s very convenient option for any new web based practitioner. If you are a new face to web based businesses you will find the Superb Themes website like any other marketplace you would have done shopping online (assuming you have done shopping online before). It doesn’t shoot out complex services like backup software, dashboard, cPanel support that might be alien language to a newbie. It just places out its products and shows you what you get and the price. Simmered down Superb Themes has

  • WordPress themes
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Hosting reviews

Superb Themes offerings

WordPress Themes

First and Foremost, Superb Themes WordPress themes are the first main attraction. It literally has the word ‘Themes’ in its brand name. So you can find themes for your WordPress websites here. Superb Themes mainly has two types of themes in its theme shop.

Premium WordPress Themes: Premium themes are the paid themes in Superb themes. These themes are up and ready with the features needed for your WordPress site. These themes are SEO friendly and optimized for better performance. These themes are also of responsive design so they will fit in all devices with perfection.

The themes are made in such a way that you can use according to your use case. With business centric design and even more efficient backend features you can find it easy to navigate your way around these themes. Creatively, Guten Shop, One page, Bloggist are some of the themes you may check out.

Superb Themes Pricing : Each of the themes have their separate prices. Each theme costs around $29-$50 according to the functionality. But there is also the subscription plan you might want to consider.
Business Subscription : for 15 domains with access to 30+ themes and all plugins, with support and updates, Yearly Fee of $67
Lifetime Access : for Unlimited domains with access to All themes and all plugins, with support and updates, One time Fee of $199
Other than this you can also get Superb Themes promo codes and discounts on cyber monday, Black Friday, Christmas and New Year sales.

Superb Themes Free WordPress Themes : There are also free themes you can download and get from Superb Themes. These Themes are essentially lite versions of the premium themes with limited options. But they are SEO friendly, Responsive and you will get updates and support for the themes. You can avail to Free themes by signing up on the Superb Themes website for their newsletter. Then you will get access to all the lite version of themes.

WordPress Plugins
Currently there are three plugins for WordPress in the Superb Themes. These are very basic options if you want a bit of functionality

Superb Tables : This lets you make very visually attractive tables very easily. You can customize the tables to your liking.

Reveal button : With this plugin you can use to reveal bonus offers, discounts and other features for your visitors. This increases your call to action of your customers on your site.

Social Share and follow buttons : This feature lets you install and use Social share and follow features on your site. This can also increase your Social interactions.

Pricing : Each of the plugins cost around $11 and there is also a free version of the plugins with limited features. The premium subscription plans are the same as the themes plans as plugins are also a part of subscription plans.

Hosting Review
Another neat feature from Superb Themes is their hosting review. Hosting is a very important part of a website maintenance. Superb Themes has small but detailed reviews of features of prominent hosting brands and you can check these out on the website for free.

Main Takeaways

  • Easy navigation
  • Good themes
  • Minimalistic plugins
  • Hosting review for free